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NEW STUDY: Lived experiences of Australian women with a trans history and their intimate partnerships after commencing hormone therapy

Katherine Darby, a Masters of Sexology student at Curtin University, is currently undertaking research to complete their dissertation, ‘Lived experiences of Australian women with a trans history and their intimate partnerships after commencing hormone therapy: A mixed method approach’.

For this research they are seeking participants with the following attributes:
– Women with a trans history or experience
– Commenced hormone therapy at least 6 months ago
– Over the age of 18 years old
– Currently living in Australia

They are seeking these participants to partake in either or both aspects of the research as follows:
– An online questionnaire about their sexual wellbeing since commencing hormone therapy
– A 1-2 hour interview, with or without their intimate partner, about their current intimate partnership/s

The aim of this study is to provide a voice to trans individuals and to further understand the lived experiences of women after commencing hormone therapy and how this may impact their sexual wellbeing.

The questionnaire can be accessed here.

NEW PAPER: Demographic and Psychosocial Factors Associated With Psychological Distress and Resilience Among Transgender Individuals

A new paper by the team behind the Private Lives 2 study, focusing specifically on transgender participants. Findings indicate that younger age, feeling unable to turn to family for support, and victimization experiences were associated with greater psychological distress, whereas higher income, identifying as heterosexual, and having frequent contact with lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender peers were associated with greater resilience.

CALL FOR PARTICIPANTS: Transgenderism in the Northern Territory

I am a researcher at Charles Darwin University. I am conducting a research project on the health and wellbeing of transgender Northern Territorians. To date, little to no research has been conducted on the health and wellbeing status of transgender Northern Territorians. Research which has been conducted on the health and wellbeing status of transgender Australians rarely, if ever, includes Northern Territorians.

The first phase of the project, an online survey, was completed last year. Following the survey’s success I am now seeking to conduct interviews with transgender Northern Territorians or individuals who work/volunteer for organisations which provide transgender Northern Territorians with health and wellbeing services. To participate please email Dr Stephen Kerry

NEW RESEARCH INFOGRAPHIC: Australian mental healthcare professionals’ competencies for working with trans clients


NEW PAPER: Sistergirls/Brotherboys: The Status of Indigenous Transgender Australians

New article by Stephen Kerry that analyses 6 research projects and 6 conferences/forums in which the experiences of sistergirls and brotherboys were included.

NEW PUBLICATION: Female-to-Male (FtM) Transgender People’s Experiences in Australia

Researchers from the University of New England have published a book reporting on findings from the 2013 E-Male study, focusing on the lives of Australian trans men.

NEW REPORT: The First Australian National Trans Mental Health Study

Researchers from Curtin University have today released their report from the largest Australian study to date focusing on the mental health of transgender people. The full report is available here.

NEW RESEARCH INFOGRAPHIC: Trans and Gender Diverse People and Companion Animals

Trans companion animals-2

NEW PUBLICATION: Assessing patient satisfaction with a multidisciplinary gender dysphoria clinic in Melbourne

A new study reporting on the experiences of 127 people who attended the Monash Gender Clinic over a one month period. Notably, 88% of the people who completed the survey reported satisfaction with the services they received.

NEW PUBLICATION: A trans*gressive life in Queensland jails

A conference paper presented by Belinda Chaplin at the 23rd Biennial Symposium World Professional Association for Transgender Health on the topic of trans* people in correctional services in Queensland.

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