As you may have noticed, this website has undergone a redesign. Importantly, the redesign is not simply aesthetic, but is driven by the new content focus: research. Primarily the website now focuses on documenting research on gender diversity in Australia (specifically in relation to the lives of trans and gender diverse people). Posts to the site highlight:

  • New Australian research exploring the lives of trans and gender diverse people
  • Links to current Australian surveys on the experiences of trans and gender diverse people

The pages of the site archive:

  • Previous Australian research on trans and gender diverse people
  • Previous international research on trans and gender diverse people

Given there are already so many fantastic Australian websites providing community and support information in regards to gender diversity (many of the listed on the links page), it seemed important to shift the focus of this site so that it can better address a gap, namely to serve as a research portal in Australia.

Feedback always welcome, and I very much appreciate any suggestions for publications to add to the lists of past research, or news of the latest publications or surveys to promote 🙂