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Month: September 2015

NEW PAPER: School experiences of transgender and gender diverse students in Australia

New paper by Tiffany Jones and colleagues explores the school experiences of Australian transgender and gender diverse students, with particular consideration of recognition of their gender identity in documentation, experiences of puberty and sexuality education, treatment by staff and students, and other forms of provision.

NEW PAPER: Transformation of health-care and legal systems for the transgender population: The need for change in Australia

The team at the RCH Melbourne have published a new paper arguing for the importance of increased funding to health care services that support young transgender people, and the need for legal reform to facilitate access to services.

NEW PAPER: Policing Diversity: Examining Police Resistance to Training Reforms for Transgender People in Australia

New paper by Toby Miles-Johnson published in the Journal of Homosexuality examines how police culture, training procedures, and stereotypes of gender influence police perceptions of transgender people.