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Month: January 2015

NEW PUBLICATION: Assessing patient satisfaction with a multidisciplinary gender dysphoria clinic in Melbourne

A new study reporting on the experiences of 127 people who attended the Monash Gender Clinic over a one month period. Notably, 88% of the people who completed the survey reported satisfaction with the services they received.

NEW PUBLICATION: A trans*gressive life in Queensland jails

A conference paper presented by Belinda Chaplin at the 23rd Biennial Symposium World Professional Association for Transgender Health on the topic of trans* people in correctional services in Queensland.

NEW PUBLICATION: How Australian transgender people view policing

This paper reports on an online survey of 157 transgender Australians in terms of previous interactions with the police and how these shaped perceptions of future treatment quality. The paper can be accessed here.

NEW RESEARCH INFOGRAPHIC: Romantic and Families Relationships of Trans and Gender Diverse Australians

Trans & Gender Diverse Relationships