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As you may have noticed, this website has undergone a redesign. Importantly, the redesign is not simply aesthetic, but is driven by the new content focus: research. Primarily the website now focuses on documenting my own research on gender identity in Australia (specifically in relation to the lives of transgender people). Additionally, the site also highlights:

  • new Australian research exploring the lives of transgender people
  • links to current Australian surveys on gender identity, transgender people, and gender diversity
  • past Australian research on transgender people
  • past international research on transgender people, focusing primarily on health/care and parenting

Given there are already so many fantastic Australian websites providing community and support information in regards to gender identity and transgender people specifically, it seemed important to shift the focus of this site so that it can better address a gap, namely to serve as a research portal in Australia.

Feedback always welcome, and I very much appreciate any suggestions for publications to add to the lists of past research, or news of the latest publications or surveys to promote :)

NEW RESEARCH INFOGRAPHIC: Trans and Gender Diverse People and Companion Animals

Trans companion animals-2

NEW PUBLICATION: Assessing patient satisfaction with a multidisciplinary gender dysphoria clinic in Melbourne

A new study reporting on the experiences of 127 people who attended the Monash Gender Clinic over a one month period. Notably, 88% of the people who completed the survey reported satisfaction with the services they received.

NEW PUBLICATION: A trans*gressive life in Queensland jails

A conference paper presented by Belinda Chaplin at the 23rd Biennial Symposium World Professional Association for Transgender Health on the topic of trans* people in correctional services in Queensland.

NEW PUBLICATION: How Australian transgender people view policing

This paper reports on an online survey of 157 transgender Australians in terms of previous interactions with the police and how these shaped perceptions of future treatment quality. The paper can be accessed here.

NEW RESEARCH INFOGRAPHIC: Romantic and Families Relationships of Trans and Gender Diverse Australians

Trans & Gender Diverse Relationships

NEW PUBLICATION: Familial and Romantic Relationships of Trans and Gender Diverse Australians

Researchers at La Trobe University and Flinders University have released findings from a survey of 160 trans and gender diverse Australians focusing on experiences of relationships with families of origin and romantic partners. The paper can be downloaded here.

NEW RESEARCH INFOGRAPHIC: Parenting by Trans and Gender Diverse Australians

Trans & Gender Diverse Parents

NEW PUBLICATION: Victorian Transgender and Gender Diverse Health and Wellbeing Background Paper

This document represents the first stage of a two-part project, and outlines how and why Victorian health services could more comprehensively meet the needs of Victoria’s transgender and gender diverse population”.

CALL FOR PARTICIPANTS: Trans women and physical activity

Do you currently participate in sport or group physical activity? An exciting new indicative is being undertaken by La Trobe University.

What does the research involve?

• The aim of the study is to explore the perceived influences that sport and group physical activity has on social integration and vocal communication for trans women individuals.
• By researching transsexual women’s experiences in activity environments, it will provide evidence on whether sport and group physical activity provides a positive environment to engage with peers and facilitate social integration. This project will also add valuable research to the status of Australian transsexual population’s health and wellbeing.
•It will involve taking part in one interview, approximately 45mins and will discuss your experiences
If you currently play a sport or are involved in group physical activity we would be interested in talking to you.


CALL FOR PARTICIPANTS: Gender Diversity Study

  • What were your experiences during your youth?
  • How do you feel about the labels “male” and “female”?
  • What do you think would help support gender diverse youth?


Tell us your story!

I am a Masters student from Macquarie University and am conducting research exploring the experiences of gender identity issues during youth.

If you are a gender diverse individual aged 18-35 in Australia, I would be interested in talking with you about your experiences.

Your participation is completely voluntary and confidential. You may withdraw from the interview at any time. The interview will be approximately one hour.

If you choose to participate, a $30 Coles Group and Myer gift card will be offered to reimburse you for your time.

If this research interests you or if you have any questions, I invite you to email me for additional details.


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