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As you may have noticed, this website has undergone a redesign. Importantly, the redesign is not simply aesthetic, but is driven by the new content focus: research. Primarily the website now focuses on documenting my own research on gender identity in Australia (specifically in relation to the lives of transgender people). Additionally, the site also highlights:

  • new Australian research exploring the lives of transgender people
  • links to current Australian surveys on gender identity, transgender people, and gender diversity
  • past Australian research on transgender people
  • past international research on transgender people, focusing primarily on health/care and parenting

Given there are already so many fantastic Australian websites providing community and support information in regards to gender identity and transgender people specifically, it seemed important to shift the focus of this site so that it can better address a gap, namely to serve as a research portal in Australia.

Feedback always welcome, and I very much appreciate any suggestions for publications to add to the lists of past research, or news of the latest publications or surveys to promote 🙂

NEWS STUDY: Trans pathways – the mental health experiences and care pathways of trans* young people

This research aims to improve the lives of trans* individuals growing up in Australia by exploring possible barriers to accessing services. This information will help to inform policies, health professionals, other researchers, parents of trans* individuals, other trans* young people and the wider community about how relevant services can best meet the needs of trans* young people. The survey can be undertaken here.

NEW STUDY: Indigenous gender diversities

This project is a Doctoral research thesis undertaken at the University of Wollongong. This research project will provide an in-depth account of gender diverse Aboriginal peoples by exploring a cross section of Aboriginal gender diverse (LGBTQI) identities and experiences. The survey can be completed here

NEW PAPER: Parenting and Australian trans and gender diverse people: An exploratory survey

This paper reports on a survey of 160 Australian trans or gender diverse people in terms of their experiences of parenting, or their desire to have children in the future.

NEW PAPER: Indigenous sistergirls’ experiences of family and community

Published soon in Australian Social Work, this new paper draws on existing documentary and media data to explore how 18 sistergirls describe their experiences of family and community, both positive and negative experiences.

NEW PAPER: Comparing and contrasting the aspirations of transgender Australians in 2001 with the current status of transgenderism

A new paper by Stephen Kerry that provides a useful contrast between data he collected with transgender people in 2001, and what has changed and what still remains the same today.

NEW PAPER: School experiences of transgender and gender diverse students in Australia

New paper by Tiffany Jones and colleagues explores the school experiences of Australian transgender and gender diverse students, with particular consideration of recognition of their gender identity in documentation, experiences of puberty and sexuality education, treatment by staff and students, and other forms of provision.

NEW PAPER: Transformation of health-care and legal systems for the transgender population: The need for change in Australia

The team at the RCH Melbourne have published a new paper arguing for the importance of increased funding to health care services that support young transgender people, and the need for legal reform to facilitate access to services.

NEW PAPER: Policing Diversity: Examining Police Resistance to Training Reforms for Transgender People in Australia

New paper by Toby Miles-Johnson published in the Journal of Homosexuality examines how police culture, training procedures, and stereotypes of gender influence police perceptions of transgender people.

NEW STUDY: Lived experiences of Australian women with a trans history and their intimate partnerships after commencing hormone therapy

Katherine Darby, a Masters of Sexology student at Curtin University, is currently undertaking research to complete their dissertation, ‘Lived experiences of Australian women with a trans history and their intimate partnerships after commencing hormone therapy: A mixed method approach’.

For this research they are seeking participants with the following attributes:
– Women with a trans history or experience
– Commenced hormone therapy at least 6 months ago
– Over the age of 18 years old
– Currently living in Australia

They are seeking these participants to partake in either or both aspects of the research as follows:
– An online questionnaire about their sexual wellbeing since commencing hormone therapy
– A 1-2 hour interview, with or without their intimate partner, about their current intimate partnership/s

The aim of this study is to provide a voice to trans individuals and to further understand the lived experiences of women after commencing hormone therapy and how this may impact their sexual wellbeing.

The questionnaire can be accessed here.

NEW PAPER: Demographic and Psychosocial Factors Associated With Psychological Distress and Resilience Among Transgender Individuals

A new paper by the team behind the Private Lives 2 study, focusing specifically on transgender participants. Findings indicate that younger age, feeling unable to turn to family for support, and victimization experiences were associated with greater psychological distress, whereas higher income, identifying as heterosexual, and having frequent contact with lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender peers were associated with greater resilience.

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